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About International Door, Inc (IDI)

Established in 1936 as Byrne Door and incorporated in 1974 as International Door, Inc., IDI has dedicated itself to become the preeminent full service door company in the world. IDI finds great pride in the quality product line that we offer to our customers and end users as well as the professionalism of our support teams both in our offices and in the field.

From High Speed Rolling Fabric Doors to the largest Airplane Hangar Doors, IDI is recognized as the industry leader for all types of door designs which provide a safe and durable product for any custom opening that you may have. We offer a comprehensive product line which includes: high speed rolling fabric doors, steel vertical lift doors, turnover doors, canopy doors, vertical lifting/hoist up fabric doors, bottom rolling hangar doors, top hung sliding doors, large hinged doors, crane way door systems, fire doors, acoustical doors, blast doors and four folding door systems. We also provide our customers with an option to provide: pedestrian doors and hardware, rolling steel service doors and sectional doors. All door systems are available for electric motor operation with a wide variety of operating controls. We also provide custom designs for any special or unconventional requirement that you may have. Please feel free to contact our engineering department for any special application that your project may require.

You can choose from standard equipment or allow International Door to custom design a system that meets your specific traffic patterns, usage frequency and environmental needs. Personnel pass doors are available for most systems.

We install quality

International Door's quality control process monitors your project every step of the way - from the construction contract through engineering and production - to "just-in-time" delivery and installation.

Maintaining our reputation

Our products are manufactured with care and precision to withstand the toughest operational and environmental demands. The quality reputation of International Door is supported by our customer service record and in-stock availability of replacement parts.

International Door, Inc. is the choice of customers throughout the U.S. and around the world.