Fire Rated Doors

International Door manufactures UL tested and approved Vertical Lift Fire Door assemblies which can carry affixed UL labels up to 3 hours. IDI Vertical Lift Fire Doors are available as a two (2) leaf design and within the size limitations indicated below. All IDI fire doors are manufactured with a fusible link device which allows the door to automatically close in the event of fire. Perimeter seals are of a special design and incorporate a silica cloth covering which will withstand extremely high and prolonged temperatures.

Size Limitations

  • Up to 12'0" wide x 10'0" high UL-A label (3 hours)
  • To 15'0" wide x 12'6"high (Oversize certificate only)
  • Over 15'0" wide x 12'6" high (in any direction)(Manufacturer's certificate only)

IDI Vertical Lift Fire Doors can be manually operated or motor operated with push button controls.


  • Warehouses
  • Automotive facilities
  • Paint facilities
  • Manufacturing plants
  • Building additions


  • Integrated controls with fire alarm system
  • Blast rating @ 100 PSF or higher
  • Special operating controls - Please consult IDI engineering for more details