Hoist Up Fabric Doors

Parthenon Door

A fabric paneled retractable structure for long span building openings which uses the fabric as a means to suspend the wind load bearing structures encapsulated within the fabric. A Parthenon style door is suitable to replace bottom rolling steel door structures by virtue of its design efficiency and flexibility.


  • Heavy Duty one piece vinyl coated fabric, 250# / inch lift capacity, UV stable, temperature range
    +158 to -38 F, meets flame spread ASTM E-84-94 and ASTM-D-1790 weathering capabilities
  • Aluminum beams for horizontal structure - corrosion resistant, and light weight
  • UHMW material or rollers at the interface of door and guide posts for smooth operation
  • UL/CSA single or dual motor drive system, 480 V, 3 phase, 60HZ
  • Weather-sealing interface between door and jambs
  • 2 Wind locks at the bottom of the door leaf to seal against air infiltration
  • Swing-up mullions which tuck away under the door leaf when raised up
  • Design flexibility to withstand wind loads by increasing the section and depth of the horizontal structure
  • U-shaped seal at the bottom of the door to provide edge sealing against the floor
  • Door Brakes at the interface of door guide and vertical door edge


  • Low maintenance
  • Easy to repair fabric
  • Door system operates even if the fabric is damaged or torn
  • 1 year guarantee on materials and workmanship
  • Training session for door operators and maintenance personnel
  • No springs or counterweights
  • No lubrication needed


  • NEMA designed electrical motors and brakes
  • Limit switches for "Open and Slack Belt" condition, limit switch for "Close"
  • Auxiliary Emergency Operation in case of power failure
  • UL Labeled NEMA rated control panel with flange disconnect
  • NEMA rated 3 button operating station
  • Safety brakes on both sides apply if lifting action fails
  • Open and Close speed shall range between 4.5" and 6.0" / sec


  • Aircraft Hangars
  • Automotive Facilities
  • Mining Operations
  • Boat Building Operations

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