IDI soft bottom safety edge

Reversing "Soft" Fail-Safe Safety Edge

International Door provides "SOFT" FAIL-SAFE reversing safety edge on leading edges of all motor operated doors.


The "SOFT" FAIL-SAFE safety edge shall be electric and shall provide a minimum of 3 1/2" of over travel after actuation before a solid resistance is met. The safety edge shall be reliable 4-wire system continuously energized at low voltage, and shall operate through necessary relay, resistor and low voltage transformer etc. to stop the door on contact with an obstruction and instantly reverse the direction of travel of the door to full open position. Controls shall be designed so that the failure or malfunction of any component in the safety edge electrical circuit shall prevent the door closing cycle being operative after the door has been opened.


Internal Foam shall be polyurethane foam, medium density conforming to military specification MIL-R-5001.The two electrical contact elements shall be ALUMINUM GLASS CLOTH with silicone adhesive, separated by perforated foam designed to perform the switching function when the safety edge encounters an obstruction along any portion of its active length. The cover material shall be heavy duty reinforced yellow color polyvinyl chloride with chemical resistance to diesel and JP-4fuel, hydraulicfluids, SAE-30 oil and salt water. The polyvinyl chloride cover shall provide hermetic seal for weather and moisture resistant protection for internal foam and electrical contact elements. The electrical requirements shall be 24 volts AC and a 4-condutor #14 gauge hard usage extra flex SO cord shall be used to connect to the junction box adjacent to the motor operator


Safety experts recommend a FAIL-SAFE 4-wire configuration shall be used for maximum protection. The FAIL-SAFE system works as follows.

  • During door closing cycle, if safety edge comes in contact with an obstruction, the foam compresses and the two aluminum glass cloth separated by the perforated foam strip come in contact with each other.
  • Upon safety edge being compressed and two aluminum glass cloth touching each other a normally energized relay shall de-energize and its N.C contact shall open and it's N.O contact shall close.
  • The N.O & N.C contacts are arranged in the door control circuitry such that door reverses the direction of travel to full open position and remain open until the RESET button in the master control panel is depressed.

Model Number

International Door Inc. Model : IDI-FSSE-SK2-EC100