IDI control panel with flange mounted fused disconnect switch
IDI control panel being in final wiring stage

Control Panels

All electrical control panels are custom designed and manufactured, by International Door, for your specific project.

  • All assembled control panels are UL approved (E-145876)
  • All control panels feature fail safe safety edge circuitry
  • All IDI control panels are NEMA rated (standard NEMA 12)
  • Optional NEMA 4 or 4X units are available as weathertight units
  • Optional NEMA 7/9 units are available as explosion proof units
  • Wide range of operating controllers
  • Standard push button controls
  • Automatic controls utilizing inductive loop detectors or motion detectors
  • Pull cords controls
  • Custom units integrating and sequencing the operations of dock doors, dock levelers, truck/trailer restraints and truck leveling devices.
  • Photo eyes available with all types of controls
  • Available with variable frequency controls for ultra-smooth acceleration and deceleration.
  • Available as solid state fully programmable units
  • Available with radio controls
  • Interlocked, sequential operation of two (2) doors to create a vestibule or air lock operation.
  • Available for plant railroad entrance systems
  • Electrically interlocked railroad derail systems will co-ordinate the operation of the door where railroad tracks enter a building
  • Warning lights and bells are provided to alert plant personnel of an approaching train
  • Traffic signal lights are used to indicate where the train may enter
  • Railroad crossing signal, actuated by either derails or insulated rail joint systems are utilized where railroad tracks cross plant roadways.