Canopy Doors

IDI canopy doors are available for use in areas where side room clearances do not permit bottom rolling type doors. Canopy doors provide for clear, unobstructed openings and are typically clad with 14 gauge exterior face sheets and 16 gauge interior face sheets. IDI canopy doors are available with a wide range of options including:

  • Pilot (personnel passage) doors
  • Vehicle entry doors
  • Full view vision lites


  • Counterweighted, structural steel framing
  • 14-gauge exteriors / 16-gauge interior steel cladding
  • No sliding contact
  • Meets all wind-loading requirements


  • Maintenance free hardware with factory sealed ball bearing rollers
  • Shop-primed exposed and concealed surfaces
  • Delivers long service life with minimum maintenance


  • Safety sensor edge with series circuit reliability
  • Auxiliary hand-chain operation
  • Includes electric motors, brakes, enclosed gearboxes, and limit switches


  • Hangar doors
  • Large access areas with limited headroom


  • Multiple windows and personnel passage doors
  • Large access areas with limited headroom
  • Stainless or galvanized doors for specialized use
  • Built-in vehicle passage doors
  • Thermal insulation to match or exceed surrounding walls
  • Solid-state, programmable logic controllers
  • Variable speed controls for smooth open/close operation
  • Customized application - please consult our sales department with your requirements
  • Hazardous location controls
  • Audible warning systems
  • Visual warning systems